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Learning Motivation Environment

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Lykio motivates people to succeed through learning

Engage, develop, and retain talent

Turbo-boost knowledge and lower attrition rates in entry-level employees

Create a diverse and vibrant learning culture

Get knowledge out of people’s heads and into the open

Encourage cross-functional learning and interaction

Motivate people to lead and innovate

Achieve goals and improve competencies in everyday working life

Lykio systematically promotes the senses of Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose, the components of intrinsic motivation. It does this for trainers, content authors and trainees. Lykio is available on any device, with specially designed features for various learning scenarios (including trainer-led, social/informal, and on-the-job scenarios).

Enterprise-wide Impact

Lykio allows organisations to disseminate and reinforce knowledge, formal & informal, top-down & peer-to-peer

Learning officers

Empower continuous learning with sustainable results, ensuring employees’ alignment with strategic business goals.

Coaches and mentors

Create on-the-fly learning content and share it with peers and teams. Monitor levels of engagement and quality of learning experiencene.


Instantly communicate ad-hoc knowledge for specific initiatives, or as a response to an identified learning gap.

C-level executives

Align learning goals with business goals through customising reward structures, setting mid or long-term goals.


Knowledge related to sales, product, customer service and other client-facing areas is reinforced day-in, day-out.


Engage with learning content at any time, on any device, and contribute to the creation of a learning-centered company culture.

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